Interested In HeartCode PALS orACLS?

If you find that your learning style is compatible with online material presentation you may be interested to know that you can review AHA ACLS or  PALS  material, complete the test, and complete online megacodes with Heartcode ACLS, link below

After completing the online portion you must still make an appt. with a training site to demonstrate hands-on skills in order to obtain an AHA ACLS/PALS  card.

If this style of learning is more appealing than a classroom setting please register for one of the ACLS courses below listed as a "skills check" and drop us an email for further details

*AHA Heartcode ACLS satisfies either an initial or renewal certification

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Why are our Classes different?

At CareEdge we utilize all available resources to customize classes to the needs of the individual student. We can tailor an ACLS course with scenarios specific to your home department such as the Emergency Department, Medical Surgical floor, or Labor and Delivery.

Additionally we offer a custom course designed for nursing students with a focus on maximizing comprehension of the material and the ability to apply it in the workplace, while making the classroom feel comfortable and low-stress